How a Middle Aged Guy from Holland Ends Up in Sialkot Pakistan…

Erwin Nijenhuis

Hi, I am Erwin Nijenhuis, Born in Holland/The Netherlands in 1966

In 1992 i left the Airforce where i served 6 Years. In my free hours i studied business administration, marketing and design. After leaving the Airforce I got a job as a designer/marketeer at a small local promotional products dealer. Designing on a Mac or computer DTP was just starting that time.

As the salespeople were always busy i often helped customers that came into our showroom and i found out i could also sell stuff. In 1993 (i believe) i sold 100.000 Parker pens to an advertising agency just by telling them a great marketing story in a very enthusiastic way. As the owner did not let me keep the expensive Parker pen i got from Parker as a gift, i decided to leave.

1995 was the year i started as a kind of door to door seller from packaging to butchers, bakers and greengrocers. That dear reader is the hardest way to learn how to sell as nobody has time for you and 90% of the time they sent you away BUT i kept coming back and that worked! I never gave up! One time in 1997 (i believe) i came for the 10th time at a big Bakery and the owner said: Erwin, You showed real mentality to keep coming back so i think i can trust you with all my orders. we sat down and we made a deal for about 100.000,00 per year.


In the meantime -in my free hours- i learned how to design merchandise items for Sesame Street, Pinocchio movie, a very famous Dutch duo called Bassie & Adriaan and some nice football clubs like Ajax (they won the Champions League in 1995 what was Awesome!) Feijenoord, Heerenveen and FC Zwolle. What i also learned during the process was purchasing in Asia and that became very handy in the future.

1997 was the year i started working full time in my own company Avanci (meaning making promotion) and my team and i started marketing all kinds of merchandise, promotional products and promotional textiles to clubs and companies, big and small. The Millennium was no problem BUT than 2008 came, Big Financial Crisis and companies did order 10% of what they ordered before. My hair turned grey in one year… SERIOUS!

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McGregor AH&BC hockey gear made by Avanci


We survived the financial crisis by adding sportswear to our product lines. That`s how I, Erwin Nijenhuis got into sportswear. Some guys from McGregor contacted us to make sublimation sportswear. We did Awesome projects with them among which: Williams F1 Team, Automobile Club Monaco, Polo club Barcelona and some big hockey clubs in the Netherlands like AH&BC Amsterdam, Gooische Hockey Club, HHC, Klein Zwitserland and Shinty. We produced top quality sublimation sportswear in Shanghai for years but the prices kept rising and the delivery times became longer and longer until it was not acceptable anymore…


2017: I Woke Up One Morning and I Realized If I Want The Best Quality delivered Fast, I Need to Set Up a Top Quality Sublimation Line Myself.

Where? Bangladesh!

When I was in Bangladesh we had the Best equipment. The Best Machines, Ink, Sublimation paper and the Best stitching machines . We also got the best Price! BUT the big Boss from the Printing Company decided to make his little brother Managing Director of the Print Unit. When  incapable people get some Power… everything goes wrong. I Settle only for the Best of The Best So I called my Pakistani friend Ali. He has a big sportswear factory in Sialkot I asked him: Ali are you in Sialkot? He said Yes and a flew to Sialkot in October 2019 to Join him with the mission to make our factory the Best in the World!


In the meantime all the stress and lawsuits we had (and won) had cost me my Marriage (28 years). So in February 2020 I Flew to Sialkot where Corona struck a month later…


Today its June 17 2020 and we are allowed to work 5 days a week. With 25% of the workers (100 man). That`s fine as due to Corona we don`t have that much orders…

After Corona We Will Be One Of the Best Sportswear Factories in the World.

  • One Stop Shopping
  • Excellent Pricing
  • Top Quality Fabrics
  • Excellent Stitching
  • Top Quality Packing
  • Fast Worldwide Deliveries

All Under Western European Monitoring.

Have a Great Day,

Erwin Nijenhuis