Custom FaceMasks WITH VirusBlocker!
FAST and SAFE from Garment Factory Direct!


What We Do

My Team and I (Erwin Nijenhuis from Holland) Help Buyers 24/7 With Their Orders in Sialkot Pakistan.

Main Products Are:

  • custom FaceMasks WITH VirusBlocker!
  • leisurewear, sportswear and workwear
  • soccerballs, rugbyballs and volleyballs
  • leather gloves and keepergloves
  • hockeysticks, hockeyballs and hockey shinguards and gloves
  • Leather jackets as the G-1 Top Gun jacket
  • Personal Protection Equipment like facemasks, gowns and gloves

custom FaceMasks

Custom FaceMasks WITH VirusBlocker are our specialty. We make them Fast and production is monitored by our Quality Control Team under Western European command.

  • all custom facemasks are allover printed via sublimation
  • 3-layer FaceMask
    • Outside Layer Xtreme Performance
    • Inside Layer MeltBlown VirusBlocker
    • Inside layer Xtreme Performance
    • Dealerprice 1.30 (10k) – 1.95 (100) incl. DHL
  • Printed facemasks are NOT for medical use (KN95 we supply also)
  • GFD ships out within 1 week Worldwide
  • contact us for more info..

We Help You with 100% Safe and Fast Production in Sialkot!